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Career Breakthrough! Workshops

You cannot transform your career in isolation.

There is one person between you and your next opportunity. The key is to be visible to that person. Most times, you won't know who that person is, so you just have to put yourself out there.

Putting yourself out there is the challenge! What if you are not sure what you want? Where do you start? What do you say?

I've created this strategy just for you.

My Career Breakthrough! Strategy (TM) empowers you to get clear on your career focus, create a strong brand and strategically increase your visibility while in career transition.


Host an interactive and engaging workshop for your group today. LaTonya has worked with more than 2000 clients and presented to more than 2500 people. This workshop can be customized to meet your group's unique needs.


  • Career-Related Professional Groups
  • Graduate/College Students
  • Workforce Professionals Working with Clients in Transition

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This strategy empowers you to transform your career more quickly by taking strategic action. It is the culmination of many years of my own career transformation process and my work with clients since becoming a career coach in 2010. We use this strategy to locate where you are and put together an action plan to move forward.

Listen below to find out more.  The green topics below are were we do our work together. I look forward to discussing your goals and specific challenges. Use the button below to add yourself to my calendar for a 15-minute chat.

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